Social Work Continuing Education Course Descriptions

Online, Self-paced 

Domestic Violence & Elder Abuse – 3.0 credit hours, $60

The participant will learn to identify both domestic violence and elder abuse while also understanding the prevalence of each in Kentucky and in the nation. The course includes information about the reporting requirements in cases of domestic violence and elder abuse and services that are available for victims in Kentucky. The course allows the participant to understand the processes by which they can refer victims to relevant services.

Ethics for Licensure – 3.0 credit hours, $60

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be familiar with the Code of Ethical Conduct according to 201 KAR 23:080. In addition, the participant will review the NASW Code of Ethics and its place in ethical principles in social work practice in Kentucky. The course offers a review of Loewenberg and Dolgoff’s (2000) Ethical Principles Screen and the ways in which it can be useful when deliberating ethical concerns by providing an understanding of the ways in which the participant makes ethical decisions.

Pediatric Head Trauma – 1.5 credit hours, $30

The participant will learn about pediatric abusive head trauma, or shaken baby syndrome, and the various injuries or conditions that may result following the vigorous shaking, slamming, or impacting the head of an infant or young child. The participant will learn to identify risk factors that contribute to the incidence of pediatric abusive head trauma and ways in which they can mitigate these factors.

Suicide Assessment & Prevention – 6.0 credit hours, $60

In this course, the participant will learn to recognize and understand one’s own questions, fears and ideas about suicide, while also understanding the breadth and depth of the incidence of suicide and its effects on society. The participant will learn appropriate methods of gathering information while assessing the risk and gain the skills necessary to construct viable safety plans.


LCSW Supervision – 3.0 credit hours, $60

The participant learns the duties and responsibilities of the supervisor as well as the supervisee. The participant learns how the Code of Ethical Conduct is integrated into LCSW Supervision. This course also provides an overview of the statutory requirements of LCSW Supervision and the required forms the participant must submit for approval of LCSW Supervision.