Humanities and Fine Arts Minors


A minor in Art offers students the opportunity to achieve a level of proficiency in a medium area of their choice that may serve to complement their major or for their own personal development. Students may choose a concentration in one of the following areas: Ceramics, Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting, Printmaking, or Stained Glass).

Total Requirements: 21 credit hours

Catholic Studies

The minor in Catholic Studies is designed to preserve and enrich the Catholic tradition of dialogue between faith and reason in a manner that respects diverse faith traditions. Students examine the Catholic intellectual heritage through an interdisciplinary liberal arts program that seeks to shape the character of the whole person within the spirit of St. Angela Merici, founder of the Ursuline order.

Total Requirements: 21 credit hours


The study of literature and language encourages clarity and originality of thought and expression, and fosters the growth of individual moral and aesthetic judgment.

Total Requirements: 24 credit hours


Students who choose to pursue a minor in Music may tailor their own education path that will provide knowledge about music history, music theory, and general musicianship.  This core of elective offerings is available to students in all disciplines who choose the study of music for cultural enrichment.

Total Requirements: 15/16 credit hours


A minor in philosophy exposes students to the perennial problems of philosophy and the different answers proposed to those problems. Students are provided the opportunity to explore the dialogue between faith and reason.

Total Requirements: 21 credit hours


A minor in Spanish offers a study of the Spanish language, literature, and culture and provides students with a competitive career advantage.

*Program currently not admitting new students.

Total Requirements: 24 credit hours


An academic minor in Theatre offers students the opportunity to add a theatre perspective to another major by including training in the technical, performance, historical, and literary aspects of theatre.  Students have access to high quality technology, computer systems, and other production equipment designed specifically for theatre arts. Opportunities to work at Owensboro’s premiere performing arts venue, the RiverPark Center (RPC), as well as the Theatre Workshop of Owensboro, are available as part of technical and practicum course offerings.

Total Requirements: 21 credit hours


The Theology program at Brescia University is grounded in the Roman Catholic faith tradition. The program reflects the Second Vatican Council’s commitments to ecumenism, religious liberty, a deeper study of the wellsprings of the sources of the Catholic tradition, and a reaffirmation of traditional religious vocations. A minor in Theology provides a sound enrichment opportunity for those students who wish to pursue a career in an area other ministry.

Total Requirements: 27 credit hours

Women’s Studies

The minor in Women’s Studies is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on women and gender, challenging students to acquire new perspectives and interpretations of women’s diverse experiences, their history, and their changing roles in society. Courses in the Women’s Studies minor encourage students to link critical thinking to empowerment and social responsibility.

The minor in Women’s Studies complements most majors and is relevant to both male and female students seeking a liberal arts education. Students considering careers in law, medicine, social work, education, counseling, business, politics, along many other fields, will benefit from the content and the analytical skills emphasized in Women’s Studies courses.

Total Requirements: 21 credit hours